Fanny Farmer

by The Chunks

Released 2015
Mind Fry
Released 2015
Mind Fry
Mainstream Avant Garde Spoken Word!
"Fanny Farmer was an American candy manufacturer and retailer. Fanny Farmer was started in Rochester, New York by Frank O'Connor in 1919 and grew to over 400 stores before being bought and consolidated. The company was named in honor of culinary expert Fannie Farmer, who had died four years earlier; she had nothing to do with the candy stores, and her recipes were not being used. "The spelling of the first name was altered to avoid confusion. “…
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The Chunks
Words by Projectile Vomit Music by The Chunks


This is The Chunks only release to date.  It originally was a 8+ minute psychedelic romp involving a  very long guitar solo but when the Cleveland Music Group charged $50/ minute to be on the "Northern Exposure" compilation CD we paired it down to 56 seconds to save money.  We really didn't think it would get selected but it turns out that the Cleveland Music Group as it consisted back in 1993 had magnificent taste after all.  $50 bucks to get on a release that was spread far and wide.  Priceless.