A Tale of Barney and Sheryl

VLAD IS MAD.... seriously!

Babakar and his horse are together after a period of separation.

A Tale of Barney playing on his own, sans The Consort!

Vlad Finds Love!

A tale of Barney and Vlad running free in Cleveland!

On the table was a bottle of Calvados and 2 glasses...


A Tale of Inquiry?

Art was angry.

  Babakar went out to the country with his horse Amadou.

It's A Plan

Robert Presents A Song

Charlie and Robert

Vladimir was breathing heavily as he pumped....

A tale with Mairead O'Connor...

It was a cold day in Cleveland....

Travels With Babakar :The Gulf Of Mexico

The Trip John and Babakar took a few years back.

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